Wholesome home baking, made easy

Gluten & peanut-free baking mixes, only 7 g of sugar per serving


Thoughtful & Nutritious Ingredients

Chia, flaxseed and our unique blend of gluten-free flours

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Stay safe and home bake

Enjoy the smell of fresh baked goods in the comfort of your home. Our tasty and wholesome baking blends will brighten your day!

Baking the world a better place

We are mindfully striving to bring you and your family healthy and delicious baking options

  • Wholesome ingredients

    Our baking blend contains chia, flax, organic coconut sugar, oat flour, cassava and coconut flour just to name a few.

  • Only 7 grams of sugar per serving

    We use coconut sugar which contains inulin, a type of dietary fiber that helps keep your gut healthy.

  • Batch tested & verified Gluten-free, Peanut-free

    Our delicious gluten-free, peanut-free baking blends are suitable for all tastebuds!

  • Compostable packaging

    Our standup pouches and mailers are certified compostable. We have both the health of you and our planet in mind.

Happiness is homemade

Feel good knowing your baked goods are wholesome & delicious!


I made the vanilla cake mix with my 2 kids and it was so easy! Not only was it delicious, but nutritious, gluten free and low sugar! Will definitely be making more! 

These mixes are so delicious and nutritious! So excited that something so good is now available for everyone! Our toddler loves both the vanilla and chocolate cake mixes... and I love that it’s also reduced sugar and a healthier option for satisfying our cake cravings :) Looking forward to other flavours you may create in the future :)

 I made chocolate cupcakes this past weekend. I used The Mindful Baking Company cake mix. They were perfect! Moist, light, and not too sweet. I topped them with Joyce's recipe for Vanilla Buttercream frosting. My daughter has a peanut/nut allergy so this mix is great. So full of healthy ingredients and so full of yummy taste! Thanks Joyce!

For a non-baker with zero baking experience, this mix made baking so simple. The fact that it is a gluten-free mix is a big plus given how so many people are intolerant of gluten nowadays and most mixes do not accommodate for that. A big plus on the packaging being compostable too and full-on transparent ingredients. The instructions provided were clear and straight forward and the versatility of making either muffins or cake with the option to customize it however you see fit - awesome! I end up using it to bake muffins and added some blueberries - they came out looking so yummy and I still can't believe I made those! Will definitely be my go-to mix!

The cupcakes were delicious and didn't last very long. Thank you @themindfulbakingco....great mix!

In a world where over-processed sugary foods dominate the shelves, I've found a true diamond in the rough! Mindful Baking strikes the perfect balance of sweet, delicious, and nutritious whole soul food. Where I would normally have just a sliver of "traditional cake", I find myself going back for seconds, (and sneaking back for thirds) of the Golden Vanilla cake. Thank you for bringing "mindfulness" back into food!

  • Dress it up!

    Add your favourite icing and sprinkles!

  • Share with friends

    There is nothing better than freshly home-baked goods. 

  • Simply delicious

    All natural and wholesome. Enjoy our chocolate cake mix for all occasions.

Easy Gluten-Free Birthday Cake Squares

Easy, quick, wholesome and delicious! These cake squares will be a hit!